The DFI AK76 AMD 760 Mainboard
Via and AMD...What a Combination!

By Jeff Bouton


One of the more beneficial new technologies to appear in the last year is Double-Data Rate RAM.  The benefits of this technology has become widely known and as a result, widely adopted my most major motherboard and videocard manufacturers.  When it was initially introduced, price differences between standard SDRAM and DDR were fairly large.  However with recent price drops in the market, DDR has become a far more economical and widely adopted solution.  Allowing for superior performance with current technologies and memory prices now equivalent to SDRAM, DDR has solidified its place as a leading RAM technology. 

Trying to develop a motherboard that would maintain top rate performance and stability, DFI has adopted the AMD 761 Northbridge, but there is more to the equation.  Along with a solid, yet economical RAM solution, DFI has also opted to marry technologies from both AMD and VIA to come up with, what they hope will be a solid performer at a respectable cost.

Tonight we will be taking a look at the latest AMD based creation from DFI, the AK76-SN.  Combining the AMD 761 Northbridge with the VIA 686B Southbridge, as well as DDR RAM, DFI has produced what promises to be one heck of a motherboard, even without a slew of "bells and whistles."  So without further discussion, let us take a look and see what comprises the DFI AK76-SN...

Specifications and Features Of The DFI AK76-SN
All the bells and whistles...


AMD 761 / VIA 686B

CPU Socket
Socket A

CPU Supported
200/266 MHz Alpha EV6 FSB for AMD Athlon /Duron processor 600MHz~ 1.2GHz and faster

2 DDR DIMM sockets
max. 2GB (unbuffered) or 4GB (registered)
Supports PC200/266 and ECC DDR SDRAM

Award / 2Mbit 

Dual PIO mode 3/4 EIDE channels up to 4 IDE devices
UltraDMA/100 transfer rate up to 100MB/sec

Super I/O
2 x NS16C550A compatible UARTs
1 x SPP/ECP/EPP parallel port

External Connectors
2 x USB
2 x DB-9
1 x DB-25
1 x PS/2 keyboard
1 x PS/2 mouse

Internal Connectors
2 x external USB
1x IrDA
2 x IDE
1x Floppy
1 x ATX power
4 x fan
1 x WOL
1 x WOR

Hardware Monitor
System/Processor temperature
Fan speed 

Power Management 
ACPI and OS direct power management
Wake-on event: RTC/Modem/LAN

Expansion Slots
1 AGP slot (Supports 4x/2x AGP)
6 PCI slots 

Overclock Cruise

Form Factors
ATX, 4 layers
30.48cm x 22cm
12 inch.x 8.66 inch.


The AK76-SN package comes complete with one floppy cable, one ATA100 IDE cable, a Users Manual, a CD containing all necessary drivers, and a complementary mouse pad.  Being a company that focuses on producing a quality product rather than loading up their box with extras, there is little to discuss here.  The box came with what we would expect, as well as a nifty round mouse pad.







Quality and Setup...