MSI's - KT133 Athlon/Duron Motherboard
Should this be your next motherboard?

August 15, 2000 By Sean 'BiZ' Mueller

It seems like only yesterday we were all scrambling to get a hold of the latest and greatest KX133 based motherboard. AMD's Athlon CPU on a KX133 based motherboard had established itself as a more then capable competitor to the best offerings Intel could muster. Then someone over at AMD decided it was high time they moved on to Socket A. Something about Slot A/KX133 incompatibilities and margins, we were told. Poor KX133, we hardly even knew ya. So, what's an aspiring AMD loyalist supposed to do?  Well, let me introduce you to MSI's K7T Pro / (MS-6330). How does MSI's idea of what a KT133 powered Socket A motherboard stack up? Does it have "the goods" to compete against the best of the rest?  Well, I guess that's why we're all here, eh?
MSI K7T Spec's & Features
A motherboard with character!


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Socket A for AMD(R) Duron(TM) and Athlon (TM) processor. Support 600MHz, 650 MHz, 700MHz and higher processors.

3 DIMM supporting up to 1.5GB.

One AGP (AGP 2.0 compliant 1X/2X/4X); Six PCI; One CNR (Communication Networking Riser)

IDE Interface
Supports Ultra DMA 33/66
(R) VT686A integrated IDE controller, two dual channel connecting up to four IDE devices

VIA(R) VT686A integrated AC97' audio controller.

Form Factor
ATX form factor. Dimension: 30.4cm x 20.3cm

Plug & Play BIOS

VIA(R) KT-133 chipset (552 pin BGA)



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