Hot Hardware's How Much Ya Bench? - Version 2.0
Pentium !!! Coppermine 800 On The i820 Platform

April 17, 2000 - By Dave Altavilla 

We set up Intel's new CPU in a base system that is also comprised of their latest Motherboard Chipset, the i820.  Also utilized was the next generation platform memory of choice for Intel, RAMBUS.  Among other things, this system supports AGP4X and UDMA 66 EIDE Drive Interfaces.  Here are the specs for our test-bed.

HotHardware's Test System
Built for speed

 Full Tower ATX Case w/ 300W PS,  Pentium !!!  800EBSoyo SY-6ICA i820 Motherboard (review soon), 128MB of  800MHz (400MHz. DDR) Techworks  RDRAM, WD Expert AC418000 7200 RPM ATA66 Hard Drive, Elsa Erazor X2 AGP , Kenwood 72X CDROM, Win 98SE, NVidia 5.13 Drivers, DirectX 7.0a


As you can see, the P3 800EB we are testing is sitting in the lap of luxury with all of the latest peripherals supporting it, within our test system.  With all of these high end parts, the system should perform quite well as a whole.  Let's find out.  

SiSoft Sandra Benchmark @ 800MHz and 900MHz.

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CPU Benchmark @ 800MHz.

Memory Benchmark @ 800MHz.

Multi-Media Benchmark @ 800MHz.

CPU Benchmark @ 900MHz.

Memory Benchmark @ 900MHz.

Multi-Media Benchmark @ 900


The Sandra tests are basic performance numbers for over all CPU Speed, Multi-Media and Memory Subsystem performance.  These scores show the 800EB to surpass the 600MHz. AMD Athlon by a wide margin.  That was to be expected of course since the clock rate alone, of our test chip, is 200MHz. faster than the reference AMD chip used by SiSoft's Sandra in these charts.  As you can see, we were also able to overclock the 800EB to 900MHz.  This was achieved by setting the Front Side Bus Speed to 150MHz. and keeping the multiplier at 6X.  Our chip was indeed stable at this speed with the excellent stock cooling solution that Intel provided.  You may or may not be able to achieve these results from a retail chip but your chances are good.  Of course overclocking your processor voids your warranty as well, so you are on your own here (but you knew that).

Finally, also of note are the excellent memory scores garnered by our i820/RAMBUS/P3-800EB combo.  Overall, these are great numbers that are sure to please even the most hungry power user. 


We then set out to perform more practical business application and gaming benchmarks.


Winbench 99, Winstone 2000 Content Creation 
and Quake 3 Tests!